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Take a look at a high converting landing page.

This is an example that uses every tip that is in the book. The result is a landing page that reliably brings in new leads month on month.

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Here's an excerpt from the ebook.

I have a present for you.. below are the instructions to build the perfect landing page that gets leads!

For 99% of business owners, their website never gets them a single lead. Just sucks lots of money, lots of headaches and frustration. I totally understand the frustration… I used to be in the same boat.

But after years (and a lot of marketing books)… I’ve finally figured it out.

So here are my instructions for you to build the perfect landing page that gets leads. I hope it sheds a light on a small change that’ll make a huge impact for your business.

DISCLAIMER: Sure, this is the blueprint for a high converting landing page, but don’t expect it’ll just get leads from organic google searches. The two other vital things you need are 1. Compelling copy on the page that speaks directly to your ideal customer, and 2. You need eyeballs on the page. You can easily achieve that with a paid ad to attract your ideal customer. If you have those things right the leads will flood in!

So let’s get started!

13 things to put on your landing page to get leads.

Here’s an example of a killer landing page! We’ll be referring to it throughout these 13 points.

If you click through you will notice immediately that we’ll be using my own landing page and service offering as the example. I figured what better way to genuinely educate, giving you great information so that you can create a killer landing page, AND let you know what I do. Pretty clever right? I think this information will really serve to ‘pull back the curtain’ and reveal the level of attention required to really make a page convert. I won’t sell to you… from here on in, it’s just great information.

1. Your headline must demand ATTENTION!

You’ve got just a few seconds to grab their attention. The headline should be bigger than all the other text on the page. If that headline doesn’t make a big impact you’ve lost them and all the other points will not matter.

The perfect headline will most likely be less than ten words. It will say (or imply) who this page is for, and it will outline the benefit. The perfect headline will be solving your ideal customers biggest pain point.

My headline reads: “Now your website can bring in constant new HOT leads!”. - It’s 10 words, which is probably the maximum length you would want in a headline. It targets website owners who get ‘leads’, rather than ‘sales’ - which is mainly professional services (my sweet spot)… and it claims to solve one of the business owners biggest issues - leads!

The success of your landing page literally rests on the impact of this headline so take the time to get it right! If in doubt, here are some formulas for a great headline:

I help [primary audience] [description of solution].

I help [primary audience] [description of solution] with
[Brief summary of how the solution works].

I help [primary audience] [description of problem] without
[contrast against limitations of competing solutions].

Download the eBook for the additional 12 great points.

Some of the great points include:


Features Tell, but Benefits Sell


Show your credentials and social proof


The Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO) is a real thing


Use FAQs to overcome objections


Don’t be afraid to throw in the steak knives


Free for a limited time The step-by-step formula to create winning opt-in pages.

More often than not, your landing page will be the first time a visitor sees your brand and message. Many businesses find it difficult to get opt-ins. Well, not any more. If you follow these 13 steps your landing pages will convert better than any!


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