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Free Ebook Warning... the truth about Web Agencies

Now in 2024, there's more Amateurs than ever before putting on a web designer hat and talking a big game. I see a lot of good business owners suffer, so here I am to save you before you waste your money and build a site that sucks.


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Why am I blowing the whistle?

If you are reading this, you are either considering a new website or redesign, or you are another web agency and you’ve found a link to this page.

Either way, I’m writing this to be real and honest with you - this is the way I do business. I think it’s important that we shoot straight from day one and work together with the real facts on the table.

Before I begin, let’s consider a brief story.

Steve is a small business owner.

He does have some work coming in (mainly from referrals), but has never had a website so doesn’t get any online leads.

He is told a website will send him a bunch of new clients and in the conversation with a web agency is sold on the idea of going all-in. He ends up getting the most serious package they offer for $5k.

After 4 months of building, he finally launches his site, and…. crickets.

He is left without support, without a plan, and is now set free to swim in the second pool - full of SEO, PPC and marketing sharks.

This story is not uncommon. It’s extremely familiar.

No wonder every second business owner has had a bad experience with a web designer.

For me, nothing is better than actually getting results for clients. It creates lifelong relationships and I have clients coming back 5 years later for the next website. In my opinion - that’s the ultimate compliment!

I don’t take on every job that lands in my lap. I have often turned down a website redesign - even although the clients think I could be the missing link to them getting a flooded inbox of lead.

I only say yes if I believe I can have a positive impact on a business.

As I write this, I can’t help but think “This ebook isn't going to win any friendship awards” - but I speak the truth, and I am telling you stuff that EVERY web agency and freelancer knows - and you are about to know it too.

The reason I am giving this to you is so you can understand the landscape better and avoid any traps.

For the few web agencies, like me, who are actually in the game of creating high-quality websites and are acting in the best interest of their clients (not their pocket)… I know that you will agree and take no issue with anything I'm saying. Perhaps a quick pat on the back for telling it how it is.

Not much annoys me… I’m generally a pretty cool cat (If I do say so) - but I get frustrated when I lose a client to a competitors pricing table which I can see won't do the client any favours. There are too many agencies promising endless streams of traffic, 1st place in Google (more on that later) or pointing to SEO bot results, bad-mouthing the competition and saying they have the silver bullet. Clients regularly get scammed by these “agencies” and “freelancers” and all I can do is sigh, wish the client all the very best, and then, most likely I’ll see them again in 6 months (Which happened today in fact!).

With all that in mind, I began writing a few ‘truths’ which have quickly evolved into 18.

I hope it allows you to cut through the noise and allow you to find a designer who will work in your best interest. I am of course here if you need to chat also. 👋

BTW - If you are a web agency and you feel the same way… then we are a rare breed indeed and I think we should connect

I know you want to know what the 18 things are. Enter your email address and I'll send you the whole book. But to satisfy a little bit of your curiosity right now...

Just 5 of the shocking things


Truth #2: Forget about traffic. No one is going to see it


Truth #4: Getting traffic to your new site is EASY


Truth #7: Website Designers and Marketers hate each other


Truth #12: How much should a website cost?


Truth #14: Your website is probably getting built overseas


Free for a limited time The book I probably should not have published. Get it before I realise it was a bad idea.

I know it's ruffling a few feathers, but I'm proud of the honesty in this book. It will give you an insight into the industry and hopefully help you avoid some major pitfalls.


Click this button and you'll be taken to a page to download the eBook.

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