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Terms & Conditions


This competition is intended for SMEs who could really benefit from some professional ‘hand-holding’ to build a solid foundation for their business. There will be just one winner who will have the opportunity to use any or all of the services valued at $50,000 from the professionals within 10 months of the draw date (1st March 2020).

The Professionals providing their Services (valued collectively at $50,000) are:
Dave Spicer -
Amanda Lowry -
Stewart Fleming -
Kay Ridge -
Daniel Farmer -
Pip Meecham -
Tnee Dyer -
Lisa Lockland-Bell -

All the competition service providers are excited to really deep dive into one business and make a huge impact.

Although presented on , each prize is handled individually by the respective service provider. In an ideal world, the SME winner could move through each of the service providers in a logical fashion and end up with a pretty slick business - but depending on the winners own circumstances, current setup, or idea, it may not work out that smooth. All the service providers are looking forward to being as helpful and nurturing as possible.

The following are terms and conditions for participating in the draw.
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This competition is not funded or endorsed by any social media platform such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

  1. The promoter is Dave Spicer on behalf of Stacked Site PTY LTD (hereinafter referred to as “The Company”) whose registered office is in Queensland, Australia.
  2. The individual, who wins this, will receive services valued up to $50,000 across 8 different professionals (hereinafter referred to as “Service Providers”). Each Service Provider is an expert in their field and will have their own terms and conditions. If you choose to use any of the services that you have won, you do so by accepting the individual Service Provider’s terms and conditions which will be presented when you start working with them.
  3. This promotion is a ‘Chance’ draw, open to all Business owners with 20 Employees or less. They must reside in Victoria, Tasmania, Queensland, Western Australia, or ACT and be eighteen years and above.
  4. The promotion is also not open to employees of the service providers business, close relatives or anyone related to the service providers.
  5. There are no admission fees or hidden costs to participate in this competition. No purchase is necessary for one to be able to participate.
  6. By accepting to participate in this competition, one is showing his or her willingness to follow these terms and conditions.
  7. By participating they are also agreeing to be added to the mailing list of Stacked Site and the professionals offering prizes for this competition.
  8. The company has the mandate to annul the promotion in case of any form of tragedy such as a personal matter, natural disasters, warfare, political or military riot, death or any other catastrophe that is beyond the company’s control. If any of the above circumstances happen to the service providers parts of the prize may become null and void at the discretion of Dave Spicer and Stacked Site. If any such changes occur, the company will notify the participants as soon as they can.
  9. If you win, and accept the prizes you agree to be a case study for any of the Service Providers and permit them to share the story over Social Media.
  10. The winner will be contacted where, when and how they can collect their prizes through the promoter.
  11. No correspondence will be entered as the promoter follows the rules of the competition.
  12. By participating in this promotion, the entrant agrees to follow all the terms and conditions.
  13. In respect to matters concerning the promotion, the promoter has the right to make any decision and no correspondence is tolerated. The promoter has the final say.
  14. The terms and conditions of this promotion follow the Australian law and if by any chance a dispute occurs, the Australian jurisdiction will take its course.
  15. The winner has to use their real name and information for transparency within the entry. Other personal information of the winner will be used with the winners consent and the current Australian data protection legislation. No third party will be allowed to access the information without the entrants consent.
  16. By choosing to participate in the competition, one is then considered as they are following the terms and conditions.
  17. The Company shall have the right, at its exclusive preference and at any time, to change or adjust these terms and conditions.
  18. Everyone who enters the competition will go onto the mailing list for Stacked Site and the 8 service providers for their own email marketing. You can always unsubscribe at any time. Please note - we all respect your inbox and if we do reach out it will be with what we deem to be valuable content and relevant offers.
  19. If you choose to complete the short survey for the additional 150 points the information will be added into additional fields within our mailing lists. The information gathered will be used to help us and the service providers serve you more relevant and valuable content - but never shared with a 3rd party!
  20. Although most Service Providers can deliver huge value over video conferencing like zoom, the Film and Creative Content Package offered by Tnee Dyer of RawMint Studios can only be claimed if the Winner can travel to the studio in Brisbane, Australia.
  21. If the winner does not choose, or cannot choose to claim a prize from a Service Provider then the value of the prize is lost. It cannot be rolled over to other services.
  22. The company will give the prize to the winner as stated. The awards must be used on the winners business and cannot be handed or shared to other people.
  23. If an individual wants to participate in the competition, they should enter via this link
How one should participate after following the link:
  1. Any email address can only be entered into the competition once.
  2. Although a user can only enter once, they can gain points during the competition. A point is as effective as an additional entry.
  3. Temporary email addresses and email aliases using the ‘+’ symbol will be removed before the final draw.
  4. The final entry date will be the 29th February. After this date the website will no longer accept entries.
  5. The winner will be contacted via email. If the company finds it difficult to reach the winner within two weeks of announcing the prize, the award may be null and void at the Company’s discretion.
  6. The company will select a winner randomly and a video of the draw showing its’ fairness will be available to view on request until July 2020. Depending on the popularity of the competition the winner may be selected live via Facebook, but we are still deciding how to do the final reveal.
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