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Overview Hi, I'm Dave

I'm a Brisbane-based web designer, developer, consultant and jazz musician (yes, you read that correctly). I've spent the better part of my life creating amazing websites for small, medium and large businesses. From starting my own design studio to creating a platform for others to build websites on, I've been through the process so many times I've lost count. Don't get me wrong, I love the process, in fact, creating intelligent and efficient processes is kind of my jam.


Stackd Design Web design and development

Stackd Design is where it all began for me. Before this, I'd built a few websites for other business ideas I'd been working on and discovered that it was actually something I could do. So, like any budding entrepreneur, I jumped in whole-heartedly, absorbing all the information I could find. Over time, I expanded from just myself into a small agency with a core team of half a dozen developers and designers as I grew the business to meet demand.

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Stacked Site The first multi-site network

It was only after many years of web design that I began to venture into the world of WordPress Multi-sites. I'd been looking up how big corporations, such as the BBC, handle the plethora of site under their banner. This led me to creating my first multi-site network, a platform similar to Squarespace or Wix that other developers and business owners could use to build and manage their own sites. The big breakthrough came with the ability to manage all the backups, updates and security from one central location, keeping our team streamlined.

Brisbane Based Web Designer | Experienced in Multi Sites | Dave Spicer
Brisbane Based Web Designer | Experienced in Multi Sites | Dave Spicer

Some of my past clients

These are just a sample of clients I have worked with. The scope of works has ranged from design work and apps, through to networked multisite solutions.

academy / teaching Helping others achieve their goals

What good is knowledge if it isn't shared? With it becoming easier and easier to build a reliable website, more and more people are trying to make it a career. With CMS platforms like WordPress, in-depth knowledge of backend coding is no longer required to turn an idea into a website. To help with this, I started running courses for people looking to start a career in web design.

Brisbane Based Web Designer | Experienced in Multi Sites | Dave Spicer

Happy clients

Over the years I've worked with many businesses (large and small) and it's grown into some remarkable stories and results. I am always eager to share these stories. 

MUSIC & FAMILY LIFE Behind the scenes

I live on acreage outside of Brisbane with my wonderful wife and four beautiful kids. As a Dad I'm constantly running around doing 'Dad' things, like sitting patiently while my girls are doing Dance lessons, or cheering for my son on the soccer sideline. As a musician, I'm pretty good (If I do say so). It used to be a full time gig for me and I'm still the guy on call for a lot of local and touring artists in the contemporary/jazz scene. Sometimes it's all perfectly in balance and I feel like I've got it all together... and other times... {erm, coughs}. 

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