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I have a secret double life as a Full Stack Developer.

I am a specialist who can turn your website into a lead generating tool. If you've been searching for an award winning web developer to join your team, then I'm excited to chat with you.

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ABOUT ME I'll care about your
business as if it is mine

I am able to use my knowledge of sales funnels, CRMs, tools, plugins, and frameworks to suggest solutions that kick goals for everyone.
My favourite projects are the ones where design is really important - I get super fussy about consistent styling, colours, padding, margins, typography etc.
Networked Multisite Environments
Sales Funnels
Web Design
CRO Specialist

How do you know if I'm the right fit?

It's a big wide world full of web designers. Therefore be warned... most companies outsource your work to India, or throw you into their one size fits all pipeline. They'll almost certainly tweak a template and maybe you'll get something you like.. but it will be riddled with bugs and you'll end up paying more to support it.

If you go with me, you'll get high quality work and will learn over time how much a great UX/UI  impacts the buying decision and results in more revenue for you.

You want a real person to deal with

Rather than feeling like a contractor, I will feel like part of your team. You'll have my personal number and we'll most likely chat daily.

Conversion Rate Expert | High Impact Websites | Dave Spicer

You want someone who has seen what works again and again

After 100+ sites and thousands of conversations, I know what businesses are doing to make money.

Conversion Rate Expert | High Impact Websites | Dave Spicer

You value prompt responses and results

You'll always know what the next step is and when it's going to happen. I'll be as keen to see results as you are.

Conversion Rate Expert | High Impact Websites | Dave Spicer

Focusing on I can find you a robust solution which can scale.

It's more than a website... right? It needs to hook into your current tools, nurture leads towards a goal AND also automate a stack of tasks your team is currently wasting time on. I've had these conversations regularly and I get it. I'll be thinking about all of that and suggesting ways to improve processes wherever I can.

Here's just a few 3rd party tools I use daily.  


Latest Wins.

These are a few of the recent additions to my portfolio of clients all over Australia.

I would be very glad to add you to the wall!

Let's begin with a quick chat.

I love talking to businesses (new and established) and seeing if there's an opportunity to be involved. 

Even if you are not ready to commit to a full time developer relationship, I think it's still worth the chat so let's connect!

Seriously... right now. Lock it in already.

Happy clients

Over the years I've worked with many businesses (large and small) and it's grown into some remarkable stories and results. I am always eager to share these stories. 

How I can help

I am always excited to dive into new projects. Here's just a few ways that I would love to work with you.


If you've got specific business requirements for your online presence, I can help make them a reality. Whether it's eCommerce, memberships or bespoke integrations, I've yet to find a challenge I can't rise above.

"Within days of our new website going live, we were literally inundated with enquiries. Dave provided us with a website that increased interest in our business by more than double."



Multi-site Networks

When you need to create multiple websites under one banner, a multi-site network can help reduce administration time by providing network-wide updates and security. From a dozen to hundreds of sites, it provides a scalable platform to quickly expand your business' reach.



Building a strong platform for your business starts with understanding what you require. Technology is fast outpacing our ability to keep up, so let me distil your needs into an achievable project plan that will allow you to find the right platform and developer for your works.

Some of my past clients

These are just a sample of clients I have worked with. The scope of works has ranged from design work and apps, through to networked multisite solutions.

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