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Hi My name is Dave Spicer, and this is a short 90 second video that’ll show you how a website map will make or break your website.


A website map is a document that outlines what you want, and what you need on your website.  It’s an incredibly smart investment that will end up making you money. It includes what pages, what plugins, what each user type can do, what it needs to integrate with and so much more.

If you’ve already got one, then you are way ahead of the game.

If you don’t have one, then it’s impossible for anyone to accurately quote you without knowing this information first.


Most website companies are pushy and salesy, and will say almost anything to get your money. If you’ve spoken to people already, they are most likely throwing out random prices, or pushing you towards a package without yet knowing much about your project or even considering a website map.


So, here’s how I recommend you move forward.

Normally a website map costs around $500, but I’ll build you a website map for $100 after talking on the phone with you. It’ll be the smartest $100 investment you can make because by planning it out, your website will end up actually making you money.

Don’t settle and waste your money on the first person who calls - instead let’s create this website map together, it’s only $100 and you’ll be so much happier with the final result.

Please give me a call.

YOUR WEBSITE MAP valued at $500

$100 only

Just book a time to talk with me here. I usually deliver a full website map within the day.

Schedule time with me

The most common questions I hear.

I've tried to answer the questions I get most often. If you have other questions please feel free to call me.

ABOUT ME Who the hell are you?

got tickets? Why should I choose you?

Portfolio Show me your sites.

ABOUT ME Who the hell are you?

I think that is an important question to ask! You're about to build something that should last you years and you want to do it right - here's a little bit of info about me.


ABOUT ME I'll care about your
business as if it is mine.

I'm a Brisbane-based CRO specialist, web designer, consultant and jazz musician (yes, you read that correctly). I've spent the greater part of my life creating amazing websites for small, medium and large businesses. From starting my own design studio to creating a platform for others to build websites on, I've been through the process so many times I've lost count. Don't get me wrong, I love the process, in fact, creating intelligent and efficient processes is kind of my jam.
I am able to use my knowledge of sales funnels, CRMs, tools, plugins, and frameworks to create websites that kick goals for everyone. My favourite projects are the ones where design is really important as I get super fussy about consistent styling, colours, padding, margins, typography etc. 
Networked Multisite Environments
Sales Funnels
Web Design

GOT TICKETS ON YOURSELF? Why should I choose you?

Whereas freelancers and creatives studios will mostly look at SEO and PPC - I look at the full marketing picture including funnels, behaviour flow, 3rd party tools, landing pages, schema markup, design whitespace, etc. As a CRO (Conversion Rate Optimisation) specialist I take pride in getting better results than anyone else.

Conversion Rate Expert | High Impact Websites | Dave Spicer
Usually Cheapest Solution
Real person
can get face time
single discipline
lacks design consistency
site is buggy
uses outdated template
doesn't suggest improvements
Sometimes go AWOL
Conversion Rate Expert | High Impact Websites | Dave Spicer
More skills on hand
have systems in place
Have expensive overheads
often outsource overseas
use templates
try to do everything
lock in contracts
costs you money to support it
interested in your money - not results
Conversion Rate Expert | High Impact Websites | Dave Spicer
single point of contact
interested in results
Pages have higher conversions
knows how other sites succeed
network of specialists
You make more money
site lasts longer
cheaper ongoings
higher initial outlay

The stats don't lie.

A well-planned site by a specialist will out perform an un-planned site every time.

Conversion Rate Expert | High Impact Websites | Dave Spicer

Typical Results from Freelancers and Studios


It sounds great. It'll be ready super quick - and it's a bargain!







Page Views
Conversion Rate Expert | High Impact Websites | Dave Spicer

Specialist site with a plan


It takes a little longer and costs a fraction more, but out performs 24 / 7 / 365.







Page Views

What's really the difference?


Most website developers just buy a template and start changing things. The problem here is...

  • 2000 other people also have the same template.
  • It's slow and unoptimised, harming your SERP rankings
  • It doesn't meet your readers' needs, losing you clients

With a solid road map, your site looks even better, AND...

  • It has a unique feel that aligns with your brand
  • It's optimised for speed, readability and expansion, boosting your business.
  • It's designed with your customers in mind, increasing conversions.

How do you know if I'm the right fit?

It's a big wide world full of web designers. But be warned... most companies outsource your work to India, or throw you into their one size fits all pipeline. They'll almost certainly tweak a template and maybe you'll get something you like.. but it will be riddled with bugs and you'll end up paying more to support it.

If you go with me, you value quality work and understand a little extra outlay up front will result in a bigger ROI in the near future.

Conversion Rate Expert | High Impact Websites | Dave Spicer

You want a real person to deal with

Rather than feeling like a contractor, I will feel like part of your team. You'll have my personal number and we'll most likely chat daily.

Conversion Rate Expert | High Impact Websites | Dave Spicer
Conversion Rate Expert | High Impact Websites | Dave Spicer

You want someone who has seen what works again and again

After 100+ sites and thousands of conversations, I know what businesses are doing to make money.

Conversion Rate Expert | High Impact Websites | Dave Spicer
Conversion Rate Expert | High Impact Websites | Dave Spicer

You value prompt responses and results

You'll always know what the next step is and when it's going to happen. I'll be as keen to see results as you are.

Conversion Rate Expert | High Impact Websites | Dave Spicer

PORTFOLIO Show me your sites.

Also an important question. The proof is in the pudding. Here's a few of my recent clients. I have 5 star reviews and am friends with my clients years after the site is built. I'm in it for the long haul.

Here's a few of my sites.

These are sites where I am particularly proud of the design and conversion techniques. They display seamlessly across all devices.


WEBSITE // Branding adviceco.


WEBSITE // Branding Black Jacket Suiting


WEBSITE // Branding Russel Street


WEBSITE // Branding Wynnum Bayside Vet

Happy clients

Over the years I've worked with many businesses (large and small) and it's grown into some remarkable stories and results. I am always eager to share these stories. 

Some of my past clients

These are just a sample of clients I have worked with. The scope of works has ranged from design work and apps, through to networked multisite solutions.

Here is the question to ask yourself If your website was as compelling as this page, would you make money?

If the answer is Yes, then pick up the phone and let's chat through your projects together.

"Within days of our new website going live, we were literally inundated with enquiries. Dave provided us with a website that increased interest in our business by more than double."


MOMENT OF TRUTH OK . It's time to take action and talk on the phone

Getting a quality website should not be viewed as an expense, but an investment. Do it right and it will completely change your trajectory.

Schedule time with me

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