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Five Web Design Best Practices to Boost Growth and Conversions

A website is crucial for businesses and it is directly related to growth. On the opposite end, improper web design can seriously hinder customers from taking your services. recently released statistics based on research from multiple sources on the question. The research found that users will leave if the content layout is unattractive, if…

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The Importance of Animation in Web Design

Animation is a subject which has been related to games and creating nice effects but its potential in improving user experience has been underexplored. It can make the user interface intuitive and make it easier for the visitor to get around your website. However, you will have to get the mix of textual content, visual…

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Why You Are Failing at SEO

These are some of the common mistakes a lot of people make; contrary to usual beliefs, the following practices may be doing more harm than good. Keyword stuffing: The popular misconception is that the more keywords there are in the page content, a search engine will be fooled into thinking that it is more relevant.…

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