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Here's a list of tools I use.

I promised I’d tell you the tools I use, well – here they are.

First, I need to preface this email by saying 2 things.

  1. We’re going to get geeky. There will probably be terminology and ideas that make little sense. If digital automation interests you, then lets chat about it. I do not charge for a chat, I’d love to learn about your business and often a small and simple tweak gets huge results… so you really have nothing to lose by chatting. SCHEDULE A TIME TO CHAT BELOW!
  2. I also need to say not all businesses are created equal. Different businesses will most probably use different tools. Some tool sets work better with gSuite, while others are better suited for Office365. Some are more Mac oriented, while others are Windows. A creative studio with a team will probably centre their tool stack around a project management tool, whereas a consultant would be more interested in the CRM.

Anyway…you get the deal. Here’s we go!

My company, Stackd Design has changed it’s focus and structure over the years, from just me, to a team of 10 and now back to a smaller team with specialist consultants for specialty areas. Before I pay wages, my ENTIRE operational cost for software and subscriptions for the ENTIRE team is only $237 /month. This is a completely scaleable solution. Whether I am approached by 1 or 10 new clients in a week, that $237 price tag stays the same month to month. That means my business systems only costs $2,844 to run each year – and through digital automation I can earn much more than that.

It use to be that a business would need a big budget to run the business with any sort of digital automation. The truth these days, is there are so many alternatives to the big enterprise solutions that you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars each month to get something effective. You just need to know someone (like me) who can integrate great tools, directly with your website, to get results.

Here’s a break down of what I use.

Emails and Documents – GSUITE
Email Marketing – DRIP
Automated Outreach – REPLY UP
Project Management – TRELLO
Scheduling – RESOURCE GURU
Communication – SLACK
Integration – ZAPIER
Appointment Scheduling – CALENDLY
Book Keeping – XERO

This tool stack works great for me because 95% of my communication is through email. I’ve been using Gmail for the longest time with a whole set of extra extensions to super power it – so Streak CRM was appealing to me and my team, as it integrates directly with Gmail.

I have built multiple sales and nurture funnels directly in Streak. These are called ‘Pipelines’. As an email comes in – it goes into a pipeline. As it moves through the various stages of a pipeline it has tags automatically added and removed so I can segment my audience later on. When a contact record in my CRM changes it also syncs with the same contact record in DRIP. This allows automated workflows to run (just like the one you are on now). The workflows can send emails, split test, notify me, collect analytics, etc. Whenever work is low, one strategy for new clients revolves around my subscription to Reply up for Automated Outreach. This sends a series of emails to highly qualified prospects, but cuts the sequence if they reply. Once they reply they are automatically added to my CRM.

With all of this automation, my website is at the heart. My leads and clients are constantly heading back to either my landing pages, or forms which drive extra automation. Now that I have a great system setup and in place, it is automated and easy. This is what I really love to do and it is the thing that sets me apart from most other ‘web people’ out there.

I would be genuinely interested to know how much of this stuff you think is important, and if you have automated it already. Feel free to comment below and let me know.

If you are in contact with somebody who needs to get more leads from their website – then there’s a stack of ways to get in contact with me:

[email protected]

Schedule a call.

( I Love Automation! )

Thank you for taking the time to read this email. I really do appreciate it. Please feel free to reach out if you have a questions, need advice, or want to chat.

Talk soon.

Dave Spicer

Dave founded Stacked Site to create a place where people can not only learn web design but be handed templates, documents, processes and be taught to find their own clients. His mission is to give people the tools to create wonderful businesses that light up their lives. Dave is a business owner by day, professional musician by night.

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