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How to Prevent Spam Coming Through Your Websites

One of the most annoying things you would have definitely faced as a business owner (or will face if you are going to start one) is the spam that comes through the contact details on your website. Well now the most obvious thing to do would be to not put any contact details at all- but then what is the whole point of a website? You want a website so that you can tell your prospective clients how they can contact you and as such, the contact details are the most important part of any website. Does that mean you will be plagued by spam for all eternity? Certainly not!

Do these things to reduce the spam you receive:

  1. Disguise your email: The most common mistake that a website owner does is to put up the email ID exactly as it is. For ex. [email protected]: IDs like this easily find themselves on a spammer’s list and make you an easy target. Alternatively, what you can do is put up your email in all letters like this: abc(AT)alphabets(DOT)com. Not including email ID symbols means that it has very little chance of getting detected by a spammer. People who actually want to contact you can definitely know how to do that by substituting the alphabets with the appropriate punctuations or symbols. Now, what do you do if the people who want to contact you get confused by this? This brings us to point no.2
  1. Put up a picture of your email: Instead of typing your email ID, convert it into an image, or put up a screen-shot or photo- anything that is not typed. Technically, you actually haven’t put up your email ID, but only uploaded a picture. This has got to be one of the best ways to outwit those spammers, ever. At the same time, you are eliminating any confusion for the one reading it- a complete win-win!
  1. Add a contact form: By adding these forms you are asking the person who wants to contact you to give his or her details to you so that you can contact them instead of them mailing you first. As a result, you are not posting an email ID that can be spammed. Only a genuine probable client will bother to fill the form so what you get are mails from really interested people.

Need fool-proof ways to eliminate spam coming in from your website? Computer professionals can baffle you with the number of ways you can prevent spam. Contact a professional now and kiss those spammers good bye forever!

Dave Spicer

Dave founded Stacked Site to create a place where people can not only learn web design but be handed templates, documents, processes and be taught to find their own clients. His mission is to give people the tools to create wonderful businesses that light up their lives. Dave is a business owner by day, professional musician by night.

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