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Top Local SEO Tips For Businesses

A vast majority of users carry out searches on local businesses on their mobile devices. Statistics reveal that the number of mobile searches in 2015 exceeded the searches carried out on desktop devices. Connect the dots, and it’s not hard to figure out why local SEO is important for businesses. We bring you top tips that you should be following to optimize your site for local SEO.

• Optimize the content on your site with the right location-augmented keywords. You also want to choose keywords based on how you think users would enter search phrases. For instance, if a user wanted to find a restaurant in Miami, then they are probably going to be typing in ‘restaurant Miami’, ‘Miami restaurant’, or ‘where to eat Miami’. You can also use keyword tools to optimize your site more efficiently.
• Make sure you have information such as the hours of operation and address of your local business mentioned in the landing page, so site visitors can easily find it.Visitors won’t have the time to comb through your site to find the information.
• Mobile devices and local searches have grown synonymous in the recent past. If you want to cater to a local target audience, then you need a mobile-friendly site. A site that is not compatible for mobile devices will lose leads. With mobile-friendly quotient of site becoming a ranking factor in the Google search algorithm, you have even more reason to be setting up a mobile-friendly site. It’s either go mobile, or go home for local businesses.
• If you’re looking to rank well in your local SEO strategy, then you don’t want to stop with just incorporating location-specific keywords on your landing pages. You will be surprised how much of a difference having location-specific content on your site can make to your site traffic and SEO rankings.
• Stay active on social media platforms, and interact with your audience. You need to consistently engage your social media audience, which takes time and effort. However, it can pay off, and help your business gain better visibility and draw more traffic to your site. Social media signals impact your SEO rankings as well; another reason why you should take social media marketing up for consideration for a better SEO score.

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