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Using A/B Tests to Drive Your Conversion Rate

Optimizing your site for conversions is a continual process. You should constantly experiment with your site layout and features to see if you can drive up the conversion rates any higher.

A/B tests can offer you helpful insights on optimizing your site. Here’s what you need to know about A/B tests according to the top digital marketing agency Brisbane.

Common A/B tests

• Free vs purchase: You can test how your site fares when you offer free trials as opposed to just the purchase option. Some businesses have reported an over 100 percent increase in the site visitor sign up rate on switching to free trial from purchase option.

Some users may drop out during the course of the trial, say marketing business solution agency, but if you have a sound conversion rate, then retaining the free trial might be a good choice.

• Chat help: While you may have a search bar and site map in place (so visitors can find what they came looking for on your site), it may still not helps solve all site visitor queries. Many businesses include a chat help for this reason. You want to include one on your site to see if it makes any difference to your site conversion rate, as it answers customer questions instantly.

• CTA: The colour and placement of the CTA button could make a difference to your conversion rate. Consult your website design Brisbane agency to evaluate what changes you should make to your CTA button, before you test it out.

How to choose an A/B test

Some businesses go wrong with their A/B testing, as they randomly try and pick tests. If you are unable to decide which A/B tests suit your website’s needs it is best to outsource business solutions to an expert.

The point of A/B tests is to identify problem areas in your site that are negatively affecting the conversion rate and fix it.

This is where random A/B tests fail, according to business process outsourcing experts. You want to carry out a site analysis to determine which parts of your site appreciate good or poor traffic, and the corresponding conversion rates as well.

Check out the user drop-out points in fill-out forms, and the pages that get the most number of hits, so you know what aspects to focus on while picking A/B tests.

These tests will be able to pinpoint what is/isn’t working for your site- whether it is a long form or complex navigation that is causing users to leave the site. Once you have fixed the problem areas on your website that were leading to a high bounce rate, the next step is to check out what your competitor sites are doing, so you can up the ante.

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